The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) recently removed WAESN from a list of ethnic studies professional development (PD) resources published in their new ethnic studies framework. WAESN and several members of WAESN are cited as authors and contributors of this framework, yet when some fragile people filed complaints about the political nature of WAESN, OSPI listened and removed WAESN.

Above is the original list from when the framework was initially published in the first week of October, 2021. According to an email from Superintendent Reykdal, WAESN was removed from the list because, “Several groups have raised concerns about the nature of [WAESN].” He went on to explain that OSPI, ” . . . received complaints regarding content posted by WAESN that was offensive, inflammatory, and targeted at education partners.” He identified two of these “partners” as Seattle Public Schools and the EOGOAC.

While Superintendent Reykdal has taken the position that OSPI is not obligated to post links to resources outside of OSPI, it is clear to WAESN that OSPI and Superintendent Reykdal are taking the complaints of folks opposed to authentic ethnic studies and anti-racism and elevating them above the needs of students, educators, and families of color. Additionally, this action feels like retaliation and a violation of WAESN’s 1st Amendment rights. WAESN is a 501(c)(4) organization, and as such, has a legal right to engage in political activism and speech as a non-profit organization.

No member of WAESN has been compensated for the work we did on OSPI’s ethnic studies framework, nor did WAESN have a contract with OSPI to engage in this work. We saw it as part of our advocacy work; however, to erase the only* organization on the list of recommended PD providers that contributed to the final product is unethical. It’s further evidence of the education system’s penchant for exploiting the emotional and intellectual labor of individuals and organizations of color for their own political gain.

screenshot from OSPI’s ethnic studies framework report
*XITO did not contribute to the final framework’s contents.

Since this action was taken, WAESN’s Executive Director, Tracy Castro-Gill, has started a daily email campaign to Superintendent Reykdal with evidence of WAESN’s positive impact on students, educators, and families. Below are some screenshots that have been shared. Each email contains the question, “Who is OSPI harming by removing WAESN from the list of PD providers?”


We are starting a social media and email writing campaign asking you all to write similar emails weekly to Superintendent Reykdal. We will be creating various questions each week for you to ask of OSPI in your emails. We are also asking that you share your testimonios about how WAESN has positively impacted you or your community. We have to be louder than the voices who would destroy our progress!

This week, we are starting off by asking Superintendent Reykdal, “How do you propose to end racial injustice in OSPI by holding anti-racist leaders accountable to ‘professional conduct standards‘ steeped in White Supremacy Culture?”

Keep an eye on our social media channels for new questions each week. Send your emails to:

Superintendent Chris Reykdal –

Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Teaching, Kathe Taylor –

OSPI Social Studies Lead, Jerry Price –

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