Our Vision

Ethnic Studies in every classroom of WA State taught by anti-racist educators committed to centering the history and lived experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of Color.

Who We Are

We are a group of anti-racist, Ethnic Studies educator activists who came together to form a 501(c)4 non-profit in the State of Washington to support the implementation of Ethnic Studies Statewide.

Our Mission

  • Centering the voices of people of Color with a focus on youth and critical educators of Color 
  • Continually learning, teaching, and developing strategies to implement K-12 Ethnic Studies programs in all Washington State public school districts and independent schools
  • Providing anti-racist and Ethnic Studies professional development for K-12 educators and students
  • Cultivating connections with community organizations with shared anti-racist education missions
  • Building systemic power by advocating with educator associations, educational service districts, and state-level education committees and organizations
  • Creating a community of activists to learn from and with each other
  • Protecting the integrity of Ethnic Studies by eradicating whitewashed, Eurocentric pedagogies.

Artwork by:

Top Right: Danna V. Martinez Leyva, Louisa Boren K-8 STEM

Middle Left: Chloe Collyer

Bottom Right: Jin Ah Bellefuil, Ballard High School

Logo: PeiPei Sung