There are several ways to support the work WAESN does. First is to donate to our 501(c)(4). A general donation funds our daily operations, including our advocacy work. Some examples of the impact of our advocacy include:

  • Supporting the creation of a Washington State Ethnic Studies Framework that centered the expertise of educators of color
  • Informing the State Board of Education’s Ethnic Studies graduation requirement resolution
  • Proposing and piloting a K-12 Ethnic Studies specialty endorsement in partnership with the Professional Education Standards Board and Equity in Education Coalition
  • Education campaigns on topics like opting out of standardized testing, Black Lives Matter at School, and youth leadership

You can also donate to specific programs and causes we organize or support. For example, you can donate to the scholarship fund for our Youth Activist Academy. It’s a summer day camp for budding activists to grow their skills and network!

We are currently raising money to support the River Ridge High School Black Student Union in North Thurston School District. The cost for legal fees for the BSU facilitator is expected to reach $25,000.

WAESN is the fiscal sponsor for We Lead Us, a near-peer mentoring program for students of color in predominantly white institutions in North Seattle.