2020 SEA Officer Elections

Washington Ethnic Studies Now (WAESN) is in the process of filing for 501(c)4 status. We are choosing 4, instead of 3, so we can lobby for ethnic studies and racial justice on the State level, but today we want to start with local educator association elections! The WAESN Board of Directors has voted to endorse the Racial Justice/Ethnic Studies slate for Seattle Education Association’s (SEA) Officer Elections.

Additionally, the Seattle Public Schools Ethnic Studies Advisory Group (ESAG) has voted to endorse the Racial Justice/Ethnic Studies slate. Several ESAG members are running for various positions, as indicated below. This slate was assembled in response to the SPS central office administration’s blatant disregard and disruption of the Ethnic Studies and Racial Justice work union members have fought so hard for.

SEA is the only local in Washington State with a program focused on racial justice, the Center for Racial Equity, whose director is an elected position and part of the leadership team. SEA is leading the State on organizing for racial justice, and that is why WAESN is choosing to endorse this slate. Educator unions can be a powerful tool in advancing racial justice and Ethnic Studies and we hope this might serve as a model for all Washington Education Association locals.

The Slate

President: Jon Greeberg (ESAG Member)

Treasurer: Vallerie Fisher

Center for Racial Equity Director: Marquita Prinzing

SEA Board Members:


Amanda Hubbard (ESAG Member)

Usana Jordan

Middle School

Sarah Lockenvitz

Jeff Treistman

High School

Jennifer Dunn (ESAG Member)

Michelle Vecchio

Jennifer Hall

Edmund Trangen

Ian Golash

Paraprofessionals Department: Bruce Jackson (ESAG Member)

Substitute Department:

President: Stan Strasner

Vice President: Peter Henry

The Platform

Racial Equity

  • Centering ethnic studies and culturally responsive practices
  • Creating equitable systems for supporting students and improving restorative practices in our schools
  • Recruiting and retaining educators of Color
  • Eliminating standardized testing

Fully-Funded Public Schools

  • Hiring more support professionals, including family support workers, counselors, and full-time nurses in every building
  • Ensuring healthy and safe school environments
  • Advocating for progressive funding and budgeting at the district, city, and state levels

Empowerment of Our Union Community

  • Bargaining with transparency for the common good
  • Increasing member voices in union decision-making
  • Building more community partnerships
  • Holding district leadership accountable to its own policies and rhetoric

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