Warm Up and Exit Ticket Ideas

by Dr. Tracy Castro-Gill

About these resources

Sometimes, the greatest barrier to assigning quick, formative assessments is having ready made documents to collect data on – in other words, printable worksheets to hand out. These resources, in part, fulfill that need, but also provide some ideas on “priming the pump” for discussions about content.


This is an idea my teaching partner borrowed from a science teacher colleague, who called it the “Catalyst” in his classroom. For both classes, the warm-ups used images, video clips, quotes, and other small, easily digestible bits of information related to the day’s planned lessons. Students were asked to make inferences, text connections, or recall prior knowledge based on the visual prompt.

The downloadable handout on this page is a single, double-sided document. You hand it out on Monday, and students turn it in on Friday. Voila! You have a weekly formative assessment of their learning.


There are a ton of different exit ticket templates out there, but for a capturing reflections and critical thinking, I’ve found there’s nothing better than a blank canvas, so to speak.

The downloadable exit ticket on this page is simple and only a half sheet of paper.

I hope you find these resources useful. Please feel free to use them as is, modify them, or as tools to launch your own ideas from!

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