WAESN is offering two different series of professional development: Professional Learning Series, and Professional Learning Communities Series. See below for details about both opportunities.

Scholarship Fund

If you would like to donate to a scholarship fund to help others attend the Professional Development Series, you can do that here!

You can donate in increments of $5.00 by adjusting the quantity.

If you would like to request a scholarship to help fund your registration fee, please contact us using the “contact” tab of the website. Scholarships will be available for anyone with equitable distribution to BIPOC and LGBTQ folx, so be sure to include how you identify in your scholarship request.

Scholarship amounts vary depending on the balance of the scholarship fund.

Professional Development Series

We have developed an 18 hour professional learning series to prepare educators to teach Ethnic Studies available as nine virtual modules, facilitated by our Executive Director, Tracy Castro-Gill.

These modules were designed to be completed in order and all participants must complete one before moving to the next. Each module requires a registration fee.

To access registration for Modules 2-9, you must first register for and complete Module 1.

Module 1: Historicizing Race & Contextualizing Anti-Blackness

Module 2: Pulling the Weeds; Rooting out Whiteness in the Classroom

Module 3: Dispelling Myths of Multiculturalism

Module 4: “Isms” Exploring Oppression and Intersectionality

Module 5: What Does Liberatory Education Look Like?

Module 6: Ontological Distance; The Educator’s Answer to Opportunity Gaps

Module 7: Critical Race Theory; Levels of Oppression

Module 8: Culturally Sustaining (and Disruptive) Pedagogies

Module 9: Ethnic Studies Frameworks and Content

Registration fees apply to each module.

The next Module 1 is Saturday, December 5th, 2020 10 am – Noon, PST

Registration is available on a sliding scale.

Please choose your level of support.

Professional Learning Communities

WAESN is proud to host virtual professional learning communities designed to provide collaborative spaces for Ethnic Studies educators to dig deep into their practice.

WAESN will host sessions led by Flordelrio Correa, Elisa Yzaguirre, Andrea Chorney, and Erin Herda. Each session will be different racial affinity spaces.

Registration is available on a sliding scale.

Please choose your level of support.

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Refunds will only be processed prior to the scheduled event date. No refunds will be given on or after the scheduled event date.