This is the first of nine modules. Participants must complete the modules in order before moving on to the next module.

Module 1: Historicizing Race & Contextualizing Anti-Blackness

Module 2: Pulling the Weeds; Rooting out Whiteness in the Classroom

Module 3: Dispelling Myths of Multiculturalism

Module 4: “Isms” Exploring Oppression and Intersectionality

Module 5: What Does Liberatory Education Look Like?

Module 6: Ontological Distance; The Educator’s Answer to Opportunity Gaps

Module 7: Critical Race Theory; Levels of Oppression

Module 8: Culturally Sustaining (and Disruptive) Pedagogies

Module 9: Ethnic Studies Frameworks and Content

3 thoughts on “Ethnic Studies PD Series – Module 1; August 1 2020

  1. I know it says this PD is sold out. Please let me join. I’m switching jobs next year and I will be at a school on board with Ethnic Studies. I really need this training to be affective in my new job. Please consider letting me in.

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