Who We Are

We are a group of anti-racist, Ethnic Studies educator activists who came together to form a 501(c)4 non-profit in the State of Washington to support the implementation of Ethnic Studies Statewide.

December’s monthly organizing meeting included a visit from Senator Hasegawa to discuss an amendment to HB 6066 – Ethnic Studies in grades K-6.

Executive Director

Tracy Castro-Gill, PhDc

Board of Directors

President: Amanda Hubbard – Seattle Public Schools
Secretary: Shraddha Shirude – Seattle Public Schools
Treasurer: Jon Greenberg – Seattle Public Schools
Erin Herda – Tukwila School District
Bruce Jackson – Seattle Public Schools
Marquita Prinzing – Seattle Education Association
Jeff Stone – Edmonds School District

Our Vision

Ethnic Studies in every classroom of WA State taught by anti-racist educators committed to centering the history and lived experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of Color.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Ethnic Studies to K-12 classrooms in Washington State by 

  • Centering the voices of Black, Indigenous, and youth of Color (BIPOC) and critical educators of Color 
  • Protecting the integrity of Ethnic Studies curricula by eradicating whitewashed, Eurocentric curricula
  • Learning and teaching strategies to implement K-12 Ethnic Studies programs in all Washington State public school districts 
  • Providing anti-racist and Ethnic Studies professional development
  • Networking and organizing with public school educator associations
  • Creating a community of activists to learn from and with each other.

Our Story

We formed our group in March of 2019 after Dr. Curtis Acosta and his group, Acosta Educational Partnership, helped us organize the inaugural Washington Ethnic Studies Now Assembly. This was not an educator conference, it was a chance for Ethnic Studies educators in our region to come together, learn from one another, and share stories to build our movement. We knew we were limited by our siloed work and were grateful to have Dr. Acosta and his colleagues share their expertise and experiences, too.

Dr. Acosta meets with Dr. Kyle Kinoshita, Alma Ramiro Alonzo, and Jennifer Dunn to plan the inaugural Washington Ethnic Studies Now Assembly.

We walked away from our first assembly with a new network of Ethnic Studies educators in Washington State, and we knew we had to do something with that. We started meeting once a month, discussing and planning how to affect change. From that came our non-profit, Washington Ethnic Studies Now. As a non-profit organization, we hope to provide a hub for Washington State educators to organize, learn, and resist!

Washington State Ethnic Studies Assembly

Are you suffering from FOMO because you missed the 2nd Annual Washington State Ethnic Studies Assembly? Below are videos of the opening and the NAACP Youth Council Keynote Panel, but stay tuned for the 3rd Annual Washington State Ethnic Studies Assembly in March of 2021!

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