Washington Ethnic Studies Now offers a full-range of services to support educators and administrators to implement Ethnic Studies programs and curricula. Our team consists of highly qualified educators with experience in developing Ethnic Studies curricula and professional development.

Members of our executive team are available for keynote speeches and other speaking engagements.

Below is our services and pricing guide for schools, districts, and other organizations, which you can also download here:

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Meet the Executive Team of Washington Ethnic Studies Now!

Tracy Castro-Gill, Executive Director


Tracy is a PhD candidate wrapping up a program concentrated on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and evaluation. They identify as Xicana and use they/them and she/her pronouns. They taught middle school before managing the creation of an Ethnic Studies program in Seattle. Learn more about them on their blog, The Teacher Activist.

Amanda Hubbard, CEO


Amanda is a K-5 specialist, one of the authors of the K-5 Ethnic Studies framework, and a coach for SEA’s Center for Racial Equity.

Shraddha Shirude, Secretary


Shraddha is a high school math specialist, one of the authors of the math Ethnic Studies framework, and a coach for SEA’s Center for Racial Equity. Learn more about her on her blog, Woke Math.

Jon Greenberg, Treasurer


Jon has over 20 years of experience teaching high school humanities. Most of his career has been dedicated to racial justice and Ethnic Studies. He is one of the authors of the Ethnic Studies social studies frameworks. Learn more about him on his blog, Citizenship and Social Justice.

Erin Herda, Director


Erin is a middle school Ethnic Studies teacher, a doctorate student, and aspiring administrator. She leads the district’s racial equity team in the Tukwila School District.

Bruce Jackson, Director


Bruce is an instructional assistant in Seattle, an author, poet and activist. He is one of the authors of the K-5 Ethnic Studies framework and has written several K-5 Ethnic Studies units.

Marquita Prinzing, Director


Marquita is a K-5 teacher, founder and director of SEA’s Center for Racial Equity, and labor organizer.

Jeff Stone, Director


Jeff is a multicultural education PhD student and manages the Ethnic Studies program for Edmonds School District. His focus is on high school social studies.