Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action


Youth Leadership Forum and Week of Action Kickoff

Join youth organizers from the NAACP Youth Council, Washington Ethnic Studies Now, The Root of Our Youth, and the Association of Washington Student Leaders to kick off the week of action. The theme this year is the Intersection of Race and Covid. Youth are leading the way in demanding a safe learning environment, but many adults seem to have forgotten that we are in a dual pandemic. Racism has not taken a back seat to Covid. How can we support Black youth and other youth of color who are experiencing the worst impacts of Covid?

The Root of Our Youth Teach In

Youth are our truth, and the youth leaders of the Root of Our Youth are demonstrating a teach in to show the adults how it’s done. Learn from these brilliant leaders as they provide a model of what teaching can be. The teach in will be pre-recorded and participants will work together through dialogue to learn from the youth.

The State of Ethnic Studies in Washington State with WAESN

Several pieces of legislation have been passed in recent years that appear to support anti-racism and ethnic studies, but don’t take your eyes off the prize! Washington Ethnic Studies Now has been keeping track of all the movement on ethnic studies in Washington. Come learn what’s happening and how you can support our efforts to push for authentic, community-driven ethnic studies.

Young, Gifted, and Black hosted by the NAACP Youth Council

Young, Gifted, and Black is a talent showcase of Black Excellence! Youth artists come together for this event to speak truth to power through various music, dance, and spoken word performances. Come celebrate the joy of being young, gifted, and Black. This event is hosted by the NAACP Youth Council and sponsored by Schools Seattle Deserves.

Statewide Youth Walkout – At the Intersection of Race and Covid

Following the model of student leaders in Seattle Public Schools, youth activists are calling for a statewide walkout on the last day of the week of action to remind adults that we are in the middle of a dual pandemic of racism and Covid. Now is not the time to prioritize Covid safety over the safety of Black students and other students of color. Now is the time to double down on efforts to end both pandemics. Follow the lead of the youth, and join us online after the walkout to learn more.