Peace Circle for Racial Healing BIPOC Community time

Healing from the cumulative effects of racism –individual and societal– caused by miseducation, separation, and disunity, is a deep process and needs spaces to heal within races, between races, as well as among the races. Peace circles are a different way of talking about race/ism that is relational, preemptive, and proactive. The circle process taps into both ancient practices and modern processes to create trust and belonging. Healing race/ism is the only way to restore us ALL to our roots of full humanity. Please join Fernell Miller and The Root Of Us for collective healing within the BIPOC Community.


Fernell Miller is the founder and CEO of The Root Of Us LLC, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultancy that collaborates with educational, governmental, and nonprofits organizations in service of racial healing and social justice; with a focus on Youth Advocacy and Youth Empowerment that is committed to building strong communities.

Fernell is a Racial Educator,  Circle Keeper, Keynote, Coach and Mentor. Specializing in Educational Equity, Identity Development, Anti-Racism/Anti-Blackness Education, Racial Literacy and Affirmation. She facilitates Peace Circles for Racial Healing, Workshops and Trainings, Community Events and Panel Discussions on Race/ism/Systemic Racism with Organizations, Companies, Community Members and Youth, in order to build strong, equitable, inclusive communities of practice. Fernell has also served for 40 years in the public school system as a Physical Educator, Coach and Mentor.

The Root of Us is the parent organization of The Root Of Our Youth [Elem – College] a youth advocacy, research and implementation organization that practices Racial, Social and Educational Justice. Our intergenerational approaches are rooted in trauma informed, healing-centered practices that foster structures by which students and families make policies that impact their day-to-day experiences.

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