The Washington Ethnic Studies Now (WAESN) Youth Advisory Board is made up of BIPOC students from Washington State who meet monthly to share their work and ideas around supporting Ethnic Studies and racial justice in Washington Schools, helping advise the WAESN Executive Team’s steps for expansion.

We have a unique opportunity as the WAESN Youth Advisory Board to speak our goals and dreams into reality. As a new organization, we have the flexibility and power to create an organization for and by BIPOC youth, using our actions to make for a better future for minoritized students.

Alexis Mburu

Foster High School, Tukwila

Alexis Mburu is 10th grader at Foster High School in Tukwila, WA. She is a part of the Black Student Union leadership team at FHS, a member of the Washington State NAACP Youth Council, and on the Tukwila Children’s Foundation Youth Grant making Board.

Gustavo Garcia

Seattle University, Seattle

My name is Gustavo Garcia and I am a Garfield 2020 Graduate and incoming Freshman at Seattle University. My pronouns are he/him and I am currently a part of the program Youth Organizers of Mental Health Education (YOMHEs) as a youth educator/mentor educating myself and peers on the topics of mental health and suicide prevention. Previously, I was also part of the Garfield Racial Equity team, where my passion for Ethnic Studies advocacy work began. I am now coming on board as a WAESN Youth Advisory Board member with the hopes of providing aid to my fellow advisory board members where I can and to further educate myself about the important topic that is Ethnic Studies.

Priyanka Mukhara

Interlake High School, Bellevue

Priyanka Mukhara is a junior at Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington. She started getting involved in activism as a freshman, and is spearheading the effort to integrate antiracist curriculum into the Bellevue School District’s learning standards. She joined WAESN as a way for her to get her ideas out there, and to help fulfill her passion for achieving racial equity.